Princeton Battalion Commander Likens Well-Disciplined Army to Football Eleven.

Captain Stewart Heintzelman, U. S. A., commander of the Princeton battalion, believes that all educated men should learn the task of leading in war and thinks that the drill the battalion will undergo will be beneficial to the men in preparing them for whatever branch of the service they wish to enter. He made the following statement in the Princetonian:

"Princeton men--all college men, in fact--should be trained to be officers; some of them, manifestly, will fall short of attaining the degree of preparation necessary, but for the most part upon educated men should fall the task of leading in war. Obviously, officers should be trained better than the men they will command. I think the drill undergraduates will receive in the course we are now planning to institute will be of valuable assistance in providing that knowledge of formations, etc., so needed for proper preparation.

"An army is just like a football team; it will be good or bad according as the team knows signals and automatically carries those signals out when the occasion presents itself. The Provisional Battalion will make it easier for men to know the signals and respond to them, in the event of a training camp here; and in any event, it will be beneficial in making Princeton men better prepared.

"I think the drill will be of aid both to men who have gone to Plattsburg or other training camps and to those who have had no military instruction. Furthermore, it seems to me that such drill would be helpful in every branch."