University Will Oppose Tech. and New York City College.

The University swimming team will compete this evening at the Boston Y. M. C. A. tank in a triangular meet with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the College of the City of New York. The Tech. team looks the strongest of the three and both Tech. and the University are expected to outscore the New York swimmers. Owing to the fact that there are only five lanes in the tank and that the surface is crowded when all are in use, it is planned to run the 100-yard and 220-yard events in heats, with a representative from each college starting in each heat. The time of each individual will be taken and the heats added. The Tech. team has not been defeated this year.

The University and Tech. entries follow:

Diving: Harvard, Blanchard and McNear; Tech., Stewart and McAllister.

Plunge: Harvard, Merrill and Wirt; Tech., Wales and Peltier.

50-yards: Harvard, Shreave and Wentworth; Tech., Scranton, Foster and Bolan.

100-yard: Harvard, Wentworth and Leonard; Tech., Untersee and Foster.

220-yards: Harvard, Rogers and Jackson; Tech., Gay and Outter.

Relay: Harvard, Jackson, Shreave, Hubbard, Wentworth; Tech., Scranton, Gay, Untersee and Foster.