Undergraduates Volunteer to Spend One Year in "Army Hut Work."

Seventy-five undergraduates of Princeton University, and several members of the faculty have volunteered to go to England on the first of June to help carry on the Y. M. C. A. hut work which is being conducted in the British concentration camps. From this number one or more units of 20 men will be selected.

The unexpected number of volunteers was called forth as the result of a mass meeting held last Saturday, at which Sherwood Eddy, John L. Mott and Alfred Noyes, all noted Y. M. C. A. workers in the camps, set forth the needs and opportunities of the service. A campaign has been started in the university to raise the $16,000 needed to defray the expenses of the unit while it is in England.

The men who go in the unit will spend one year in England and will carry on their work in the Y. M. C. A., which is equipped with facilities for lectures, music, writing, reading and religious services.