Performance of "The Stranger" Scheduled May 3 and 5.

The 47 Workshop has postponed its production of "The Stranger," the three-act play that was scheduled for performance this week until Thursday and Saturday, May 3 and 5. "The Stranger" is written by Miss Leonora Loveman, a former student in Professor Baker's English 47. Its plot concerns the clash of Hungarian customs with American ideals, the former represented in the hero, and the latter in the American heroine. A native of Hungary, Miss Loveman is well acquainted with the traditions of the Hungarian people, and her local color comes at first hand.

The settings have been designed by Mr. Georges Musaphia, a Boston artist who has had extensive training both here and abroad. As the action of the play takes place in Hungary, the designer has been given an opportunity for large and striking effects.

This will be the fifth and final production of the year for the Workshop, since the play that was to be presented next month has been definitely cancelled. The performance will as usual be held at Agassiz House.