Glee Club to Sing in Symphony Hall on Thursday, May 3.

The University Glee Club will give its second concert of the season in Symphony Hall May 3, when they will assist the Cecelia Society, a mixed chorus of 150 voices, in a concert to be given for the benefit of the American Red Cross. Many University men are interested in this undertaking, as Chalmers D. Clifton '12 is the conductor of the Society's chorus, and Henry L. Mason '88, president of the Society, has suggested to Allston Burr '89, the head of the Red Cross Society in Boston, that the entire proceeds of the concert be turned over to this branch of the war preparedness work.

The program has not yet been completed for the concert, but "The Damnation of Faust," by Berlioz, will be one of the numbers given. The combined choruses will be assisted on this occasion by several noteworthy artists, including Marle Sundelius, soprano; Leon Rothier, bass; Lambert Murphy, tenor, all of the Metropolitan Opera Company; G. Roberts Lunger, baritone, and an orchestra of over 70 men.

Tickets from $1 to $2.50 each may be procured from George E. Hunt, 15 Broad street, Boston, treasurer of the Cecelia Society.