Professor Labarca to Speak in Emerson J to University Students.

J. Bravo Labarca, professor of economics in the Commercial Institute, of Valpraiso, Chile, will speak in Emerson J tomorrow at 12 o'clock on "The Recent Political and Diplomatic History of Chile." This is one of a series of lectures on "Spanish-American Countries" which will be given in History 56, the History of South America. Dr. Klein, who is in charge of the course, has secured a number of men eminent in their fields to speak.

Professor Labarca has been sent to this country by the Chilean Government to study the courses in commercial education in the United States. He has been visiting various educational institutions of this kind during his stay here, and he intends to go thoroughly into the methods used in this country.

The lecture will be illustrated by slides showing pictures of various Chilean cities and industries. Professor Labarca has served on several government boards in his country, so he is thoroughly in touch with all that is going on. He has written several works on economic conditions in Chile, notably about the nitrate industry. The lecture will take up Chilean foreign relations, especially to the United States. The ABC negotiations will be reviewed. Chile has a large German population, and her position in the present crisis will be thoroughly gone into by Professor Labarca. The lecture is open to members of the University.