Trained Minds of College Men Should Be Used to Develop Nation's Resources.

Professor Irving Fisher of Yale has advised all men who are taking technical education to continue their studies and thus increase the efficiency of the country, rather than leave immediately for war service. He is quoted in the Yale News as follows:

"From an economic point of view, the trained minds of college men should be used for developing the nation's resources in time of war. The colleges should send their share of men to the trenches as privates and officers, but as modern warfare consists chiefly in the efforts of one nation to organize itself, make itself more efficient internally and more productive of munitions and necessities of modern warfare than other nations, it is necessary for the educated men to assume responsibility for this efficient organization.

"The mistakes of the English universities must not be experienced. Oxford and Cambridge sent their men to the trenches in such a manner that it resulted in the loss of technical education along medical and chemical lines which would now be of much value.

"The lack of medical men thus created we should fill by sending men abroad to take charge of hospitals and medical service.

"Men studying along these lines should continue their education on the chance that the war will last a long time and that they will be of useful service later rather than rush quixotically into the trenches now.

"The importance of the technical function in war must be remembered, and men working in medicine, in munitions factories, or conducting business organizations necessary to the military efficiency of the country are of more service continuing their work than they would be in the trenches."