Although the detailed schedule of training for the R. O. T. C. for next week will not be published until tomorrow, the main features of the week's work will be as follows:

One entire day will be spent by each company in the field making topographical maps. On Wednesday the Corps will attend exercises in Memorial Hall in the morning, while in the afternoon they will be reviewed in the Stadium by General Edwards, Commander of the Northeastern Department. The section meetings will continue at the same times and places, but the Infantry Drill Regulations will form the text for the eight o'clock recitations; the one-thirty o'clock sections will continue the study of Minor Infantry Tactics. Several of the mornings will include target practice on the gallery ranges, and also bayonet drill. Physical exercises will be held as usual every day at 9.15.

The field kitchen which has recently been presented to the Corps was the gift of Benjamin Joy '05, according to a recent official announcement. Its capacity is great enough to furnish each man in the Regiment with a canteen cup of hot soup, which combined with such cold rations as might be carried in the haversack would compose the mid-day meal of troops during manoeuvres. The gift is a necessary one, and is much appreciated by the Military Office.

Today the Third Battalion is to spend the day at Fresh Pond in placing and digging entrenchments under the guidance of the French officers. Several hundred yards of the system of trenches which the Frenchmen have laid out are already completed, and the balance will be done in the next few days.

The Recruit Detachment, which now numbers well over 150 men, is to be divided among the regular companies next week.