List Compiled Showing 109 Connected With Military, Naval, Relief, and Other Services.

A list of graduates of the University who are engaged in various services in connection with the war with Germany has been compiled by the Alumni Bulletin. The list is necessarily incomplete but gives a general view of the work being done by Harvard men. There are 52 graduates included in the category of "Military and Naval Service," and 57 in that of "Relief and Other Service."

Of the men in the service of the army and navy, 12 are in the various branches of the Officers' Reserve Corps, medical, quartermaster, etc.; 9 are in the Naval Reserve Force; 13 hold commissions in the regular army, navy, and marines; and the remaining 18 are members of the militia of the various states. The list of fields of service in the non-military line is ever more extended. The Council of National Defense, the American Red Cross, and the Belgian Relief Committee are served by the majority of the 57 men under this division, but the various boards at Washington, such as the Shipping Board, the Foreign and Domestic Commerce Board, etc.; the Massachusetts Committee on Public Safety, and other similar organizations have called many others.

Although this list is small and inadequate, it shows the trend of service of University graduates; and it will be enlarged as more complete records are received.