Twenty-Nine Final Tests Announced to Extend Through June 16.

The final examinations in the Law School will commence next Monday and continue through June 16. All tests will start promptly at 9 o'clock, unless otherwise stated. The following schedule is announced:

Corporations, Contracts, May 28; Property II, Quasi-Contracts, May 29; Conflict of Laws, May 31; Evidence, Roman Law, June 1; Equity III, Liability and Criminal Law, June 2; Constitutional Law, June 4; Trusts, Restraint of Trade, June 5; Suretyship, Torts, Damages, June 6; Insurance, Federal Jurisdiction (11.15 A. M.), June 7; Public Utilities, June 8; Agency, Jurisprudence, June 9; Property III, June 11; Bills and Notes, War Problems, June 12; Partnership, Procedure, June 13; Sales, International Law, June 14; Property I, June 15; Equity II, June 16.

No one will be permitted to take into the examination any book or paper of any description. Examination books must be handed in immediately after the close of each examination. All examinations must be written in ink. A report of the result of the examination will be sent some time during the summer vacation to each student to the home address given in the Catalogue. Students desiring their reports sent to addresses other than those in the Catalogue must give written notice on cards for this purpose which may be obtained at the Delivery Desk. No reports are sent to third-year students unless specially requested, as they may learn the results at the Secretary's Office before Commencement Day.