Reeis Photographed at Battles of Verdun and Somme Among Pictures.

The French Official War Pictures which are to be shown at the Boston Opera House next Sunday evening will be well worth seeing. Among the pictures to be shown will be those taken at the attacks on the Somme and at Verdun. M. Janvier, well known among theatre-goers as the first Frenchman to introduce plays in France written by Shaw and Ibsen, was the photographer of these films. He has been connected with the Theatre Antoine and Beaux Arts, and for many years was stage manager of Odeon, one of the Government theatres. He himself is now in the United States raising funds for Le Oeuvre Fraternelle des Artistes.

President Lowell will preside at the meeting and probably some of the French officers now helping in the training of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps will also be present.

Money raised from this meeting is to be equally divided between Mrs. Wharton's war charities in France and the French Tuberculosis War Victims' Fund. It is a well recognized fact that tuberculosis is one of the worst foes which France is having to struggle with during the war. Especially among the disabled French soldiers returning from German prison camps, bringing the disease to their families this plague is reaping a terrible toll. It is with the purpose of relieving these people that the films are being shown.