Placed by Library Committee on Front of Widener.

The University Library Committee has placed a large bronze tablet in commemoration of old Gore Hall on the front of the Widener Library near the northwest corner. At the bottom of the tablet is an embossed etching representing the old Gore Hall, which for many years held the University library.

The old building was built in the year 1838 and named in honor of Christopher Gore 1776. The architect for the building was Richard Bond and the supervisor was Daniel Treadwell'54. The inscription on the tablet is the following:

On this Spot Stood

Gore Hall

Architect Richard Bond, Supervisor


Daniel Treadwell

Built in the Year 1838

In honor of Christopher Gore Class of 1776.

Fellow of the College, Overseer, Benefactor, Governor of the Commonwealth.

Senator of the United States.

The first use of modern book-stacks was in this library.

In 1877 when the easterly wing was added Gore Hall contained the Harvard Library until 1913. And being then long outgrown was torn down to make place for the Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library. This tablet has been placed here by the University Library Committee.