Commissions Will be Awarded Them in Sanders Theatre.

Final examinations for the Cadet School, First Naval District, are now scheduled for February 2. On February 11, graduation exercises will be held in Sanders Theatre, and ensigns' commissions in the Reserve Corps will be awarded to those who have successfully completed the prescribed work. One week later another detachment of reservists will begin the course of instruction which is designed to prepare for ensigns' commissions.

The course of instruction requires 3 and 1-2 months. Captain James P. Parker '96, N.N.V., commandant of the Cadet School, stated yesterday that he believes that this type of instruction will continue at the University as long as the war lasts. If this plan is carried into effect, a new set of officers will graduate every 14 weeks.

At present the 150 men in the Cadet School are occupying Holyoke House and part of Harvard and Dane Halls. If more are admitted to the course of training more buildings are needed.