Rifle Team Will Afford Facilities for Target Practice in Spring.

Plans are being made under the auspices of the rifle team to put up several sub-calibre rifle ranges on Soldiers Field this spring for the use of members of the University, and especially of R. O. T. C. cadets. The rifles purchased by the Corps last year will be used for this purpose and charge will be made only for the ammunition expended. All the R. O. T. C. sub-calibre work last summer was done under the seats of the Stadium, and these spaces will undoubtedly be used again for the same purpose.

Plans for the spring, however, will depend largely on the interest shown this winter. All candidates for the Freshman or upper-class teams will shoot three or more targets a week at the Bay State Rifle Range, near the Boston Arena, and turn the three highest scores in to the range office files. Such practice will continue until a sufficiently capable marksman can be chosen captain, when a different system may be initiated.

Candidates will be asked to pay for 60 per cent of their expenses. Coupon books are being printed now which contain 100 coupons worth five cents each at the range, which the H. A. A. will sell to rifle candidates from the University for $3 apiece.