With the exception of the headquarters company and a few men still in the Infirmary, the complete enlisted personnel of the S. A. T. C. has been discharged. The work of demobilization has continued according to the original schedule.

Major Heermance is well satisfied. He said: "I am very well pleased with the spirit which both the officers and the men have shown during the past two weeks. The demobilization has progressed without any disorder or serious confusion, and the work has certainly been a credit to the unit, to the University, and to the men themselves."

Nearly all of the officers will be dismissed tomorrow night, and the remaining few will go on the twenty-first of this month.

The disposal of the ordnance and quartermaster equipment of the unit has not been settled as yet, but since it is not likely that the University will establish a training corps here this year, it is most probable that the government will take back all equipment which does not belong to the University as soon as possible.

About 200 men are still in the Naval Unit, but these will be released either tomorrow or Monday. All men are members of the Naval Reserve, subject to call when needed, for four years after their discharge.

The Marine Unit, as was originally planned, will be discharged in a body on Monday. The men turned in all of their ordinance and part of their clothing last Tuesday, and since then they have been allowed to wear civilian clothes. Monday was the last day of drill, and the men have had liberty nearly every night this week.