In order to meet the contingency arising from the fact that there will be a large number of discharged soldiers who will return late to College, the University Faculty will probably make a date of entrance later than the regular registration day, January 2. Men who cannot return before January 2, will thus be able to pursue their curriculum without inconvenience or delay. Without relaxing the usual scholastic standards, every effort will be made to lessen the difficulty such men will encounter on returning to College after an interruption of in some cases, three of four years.

The Law School has already set such a date. It will conduct a second session, beginning February 3, 1919 and running up to and including August 30, 1919. This session will include the same number of lectures as the ordinary session, will be conducted by the regular teaching staff and will give in all respects the same grade and quality of instruction and substantially the same opportunities as the ordinary session. Lectures in this special session will commence on Monday, February 3, 1919, and no student will be permitted to register after February 15, 1919.

The original plan of having three terms this year will be followed out, but already it has been decided next year to return to the plan of two semesters to a year. The current term ends Saturday, December 21, and the marks of all students for the first third of the year will be reported to the Office not later than three days after the final meeting of the course. In every case, an hour examination will be given on this final meeting, which will count as the usual percentage of the student's mark for the term.