Two victories out of three games played for the University Service eleven is the record of a short and unusual football season. With military duties taking the place of first importance, much difficulty has been experienced this year in maintaining a regular practice schedule.

Tufts was the first to bow to defeat, to the score of 7-0. A. S. Conlon, B. A. Hunneman, and Captain E. J. Daley were the individual starts in a game that was even closer than the score indicates.

A week later the University team won a clean-cut victory from Boston College, 1406. Two costly fumbles by the latter resulted in touchdowns for the University.

By far the best and closest game was that with Brown, which the latter won, 6-3 kicking two field-goals to one by the local service team. Brown showed the same form as she did the previous week in overwhelming Dartmouth. Two blocked University punts, some neat forward passes by Brown, and a wonderful Brown back field were the causes of the score. In this game the lack of team-work was most clearly evident. As Individuals, the team put up a great game, but the polish shown by former University teams after a long season of careful training was missing.

Captain E. J. Daley a former Dartmouth player, led the team admirably at left end. G. E. Denis, at the other extremity, was tall and fast. J. F. Brown '22 and J. S. Coleman '19 formed a pair of study guards. F. Russo at centre, though light, played steady game. The star of the backfield was quarterback A. J. Conlon, another featherweight, who was sterling pilot and ran back kicks in whirlwind fashion. B. A Hunneman '22, former Noble & Greenough player, gained ground consistently in line-plunging and showed-flashes of excellent kicking. Gehrke and R. Hoffman '19, also were dependable ground gainers, and the latter made up for his lack of weight b; needy dodging. P. Coburn '2 and S Coldstein also played five football for the eleven.


The remarkable feature of the season the fact that any kind of team at will was organized amidst the chaos and uncertainties of military and academic life. Coach W. F. Donovan overcame these obstacles and made a Good Record.