Candidates for Glee, Banjo and Mandolin Clubs to Report at 7.

The trials for the University Musical Clubs which were scheduled for last night have been postponed until Thursday evening, when they will be held in the Music Building from 7 to 10 o'clock.

Candidates for the Glee Club will be required to sing a solo, while prospective members of the Banjo and Mandolin Clubs will be asked to play some selection, from memory, if possible. All men who play the mandolin, mandola, banjo, banjeurine, tenor banjo, guitar, violin, 'cello, clarinet or traps will be given an opportunity to show their skill. Although desirable, ability to play two instruments will not be a requirement. The trials for both Glee and Instrumental Clubs are open to all classes.

A schedule of trips has been arranged for the University Musical Clubs for the coming half-year. Concerts will be given, according to present plans, at Chestnut Hill, Newton, Lowell, Norwood, Ayer, Bumkin Island and Hyde Park.