The following have been invited to act as patronesses for the annual Junior Dance, to be held in the Union on April 11:

Mrs. Gordon Abbott, Mrs. Reginald Barclay, Mrs. Theodore G. Bremer, Mrs. George F. Brownell, Mrs. Joseph de Camp, Mrs. Philip Dexter, Mrs. G. H. Edgell, Mrs. F. G. Griswold, Mrs. R. H. Gross, Mrs. A. Lawrence Lowell, Mrs. Charles A. Morss, Mrs. E. P. Motley, Jr., Mrs. H. W. Munroe, Mrs. W. R. Odell, Mrs. Henry Parkman, Mrs. W. E. Quirin, Mrs. R. D. Sears, Mrs. Augustus Thorndike, Jr., Mrs. F. M. Warburg.

Any members of the class who have not yet obtained the blanks which were sent out by the Dance Committee may obtain them either at the Union or the CRIMSON Building. The committee has decided that unclassified students who would graduate with the class of 1919 will be eligible to attend the dance.

In order to obtain boxes at the dance, groups of from six to ten couples must make written application through an elected chairman to W. R. Odell '19 at 9 Linden street. Each chairman must submit his name and the names of the men in his box. Boxes, which will be assigned by lot, must be furnished by their occupants. Details as to this furnishing will be announced at a later date.

Program Designs Due.

Designs for the cover of the 1919 Dance program must be submitted to G. C. Barclay '19 today in the CRIMSON Building. This competition is open only to the members of the Junior class, and the winner will automatically become a member of the Dance Committee.