A 1918 BARRE

At a time when the undergraduates are beginning to worry over the problem of the coming summer and when most of us are troubled as to how we can best train ourselves for future commissions it is well worth while to look over the offer of our own R. O. T. C. camp.

The exodus to the June Camp proves clearly enough that the average student wants to take every possible opportunity to learn more about military drill. The question merely is: for how much drill per summer is he willing to volunteer? Is the June Camp sufficient or ought we attend both June and July Camps? The answer depends on the individual, but a general rule we urge every man to attend the July Camp if he possibly can.

The general outline of training is most attractive. Three weeks at Cambridge and three weeks at a site near Camp Devens is the present schedule. The first half will consist of drilling in the fundamentals and the last half will resemble the camp at Barre last year. Lieutenant Morize will be in charge of the exercises and he will have as assistants the instructors of all branches of the service now working at Devens. As an added asset, the Military Office has asked for five West Point cadets to aid in the training and to teach the U. S. Army discipline as described by Colonel Applin.

There is no reason to believe that this summer's camp will not equal last year's, provided that the Military Science men of this University enrol. They will be the "brains and spinal cord" of the regiment without them discipline and efficient instruction will be impossible. Until we can become officers there is no better task open to us than to teach others what we have learned and thus start them on the road to commissions. The preparatory schools of New England will flock to this camp; it is up to every one of us to do our part in teaching them the few fundamentals which they as yet have not been able to acquire The Harvard man belongs at Harvard; to help out this summer is the least we can do to repay the University to what it has given us.