The Regiment will take part in its first night exercise of the year at Waverly tonight. Lieutenant Morize will be in charge and will conduct the exercise in two phases. The first phase will be the pursuit, emphasizing especially the role of the smaller units in this action. After the pursuit has been carried as far as possible, the troops will entrench hastily. Then the second phase of the exercise will commence, The men who have been taking part in the pursuit are supposed to be exhausted and they will be relieved theoretically by a fresh set. These two parts of the exercise, however, will be conducted separately and independently.

Three companies will be formed under the command of Captains G. A. Brownell '19, D. C. Seager '20 and J. B. Hatton '20. These special companies, however, will not be formed until the battalions reach the maneuver ground at Waverly. The ordinary companies will fall in at their regular assembling places above Harvard Square at 1 o'clock an march to Waverly as a regiment.

Lieutenant Morize will announce the details and assignments on the ground when he has conferred with the officers and non-commissioned officers.

All cadets will be expected to have luncheon before starting. Rations for the evening meal will be issued during the exercise. Recall will probably blow between 9 and 10 o'clock and the regiment is expected to reach Cambridge shortly after 11 o'clock.

This evening's exercise will be followed by three more maneuvers, two of which will be held next week, while the third will take place on Tuesday, May 28. The latter will be executed before the visiting R. O. T. C. commandants from other colleges.