Word was received Wednesday from Camp Devens that it will be impossible for the authorities there to make provision for training the 32 men who were to have left for Ayer next Monday for special instruction in bayonet fighting and grenades. As a result, the Second Devens Detail will be given up, and the men who were to compose it now have the option of attending the Plattsburg Under-Age Camp or not, as they see fit.

The men who signed up to go to Devens will be released from their obligation to attend the July R. O. T. C. Camp. All men planning to attend the Plattsburg Camp next Monday must fill out their application blanks at the Military Office by noon today if they have not already done so.

Provide Special Sleepers for Plattsburg

Special sleeping cars will be run for members of the University who propose to attend the June Under-Age Camp. The cars will be attached to the regular Montreal train, but will be left off at Burlington. They will leave from the North Station on Sunday evening at 8 o'clock, arriving at Burlington at 5.20 A. M. The cars, however, will remain at the station and the occupants will be permitted to sleep until 8 o'clock. Connection may then be made with the Lake Champlain steamer, which leaves Burlington at 9.30 and reaches Plattsburg at 11.30.

Berth reservations can be obtained at the city ticket office on Court and Washington streets at regular Pullman rates. Applicants who wish to secure reservations should ask for the "Harvard Cars."