On Wednesday afternoon shortly after their arrival at New Haven, the University crew motored to Derby, on the Housatonic river, where Saturday's race will be rowed. Coach Haines put the men through a stiff workout to accustom them to the new course and to the shell that has been rerigged for their use.

In spite of rough water and a stiff wind the two-mile course was covered in 12 minutes 45 seconds. No special endeavor, however, was made for good time.

Yesterday the eight was given stiff practises both morning and afternoon. The men were all in excellent condition and handled the boat nicely. No time was taken for the two-mile course, although Coach Haines expressed himself as satisfied with the showing.

The final practice rows of the year will take place this morning and afternoon, as on Saturday, only a short run will be given the men before the race.

In New Haven the crew squad is being quartered at various clubs. A training table has also been established at the University Club.

The race tomorrow will be the first between the University and Yale since 1916. Last year all rowing had to be abandoned early in the season because of the war