According to statistics compiled by the Military Office, 294 members of the R. O. T. C. have been given discharges during the current college year to enter some branch of the Government service. Of this number 111 have entered either the third or the fourth Officers' Training Camp. The list, which does not include those men entering the service who were not in the corps, is as follows:

Third Officers' Training Camp, 51; Fourth Officers' Training Camp, 60; Medical Corps, 7; Army Aviation, 21; Naval Aviation, 6; Ambulance Service, 34; Regular Army Artillery, 2; Hospital Units, 3; Naval Reserves, 41; Marine Corps, 6; Aviation, Signal Corps, 4; Quartermaster 2; U. S. Food Administration, 1; Y. M. C. A., 1; Red Cross, 1; Drafted, 6; Other Government Service, 49.

It was also announced yesterday by the Military Office that no members of the present Corps who enrolled in the University summer camp after 5 o'clock on Friday, June 7, would be considered eligible for positions among the officers or non-commissioned officers to be named at the time of the organization of the companies. Enrolments may be made, however, until the opening of the camp.

Contrary to a recent announcement, the cadets will sleep in wall tents during the three weeks in camp, instead of in the shelter tents used last year at Barre. Larger tents will also be provided for mess accommodations. Assurance that six West Point cadets will be with the Corps for the three-weeks' training in barracks has been received, although their names have not yet been announced.