Merrill, Melander and Murphy Receive University Fellowships

The DuPont Fellowship, given by the E. I. DuPont de Nemours & Company to graduate students in Chemistry "for the purpose of encouraging advanced students to continue the study of Chemistry," was yesterday awarded by the President and Fellows of the University to David R. Merrill of Berkeley, California. Mr. Merrill was graduated from the University of California in 1917, and secured the degree of M. S. at the same institution in 1918. He served in the Chemical Warfare Service during the war, first as a private and later as a second lieutenant. He came to Harvard last spring to pursue the graduate study of chemistry and was given the DuPont Fellowship. The award has been repeated this year to enable him to go on with his researches.

The Scandinavian Fellowship awarded each year to a Scandinavian student recommended by the American-Scandinavian Foundation of New York was given to Alf Melander, a first-year student in the Business School. Mr. Melander comes from Orebro, Sweden, and Studied at Upsala University. He is one of six Scandinavians who are studying Business Administration this year.

W. P. Murphy 3M, of Portland, Oregon, and R. T. Murphy '23 of Dorchester, Mass., have won the Murphy Scholarships for the year. These scholarships are awarded in accordance with the will of William S. Murphy '85, who left all his personal property to the University "for the establishing of one or more scholarships for the collegiate education of any young man or men named Murphy who, in the judgment of the Faculty, should prove deserving of this kind of encouragement."

At a meeting of the Intercollegiate Swimming Association in New York on Sunday, the University was elected an associate member.