Designs Submitted to Dramatic Club Must Be In by November 15.

A fall poster competition, open to all members of the University, is to be held by the Harvard Dramatic Club. This year, in connection with a revised and enlarged publicity campaign, the management is laying more stress than usual upon this department, and those interested are assured that the importance of this feature is fully recognized. As usual, the designer of the winning poster will be elected a member of the club.

Professor Chase, chairman of the Department of Fine Arts, Professor Pope and Professor Humphreys, of the Architectural School, have consented to act as judges. Their decision will be based upon the originality and appropriateness of the desing as well as upon its strikingness.

Those who desire to enter the competition should be present at the reading of the play tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock at Phillips Brooks House. All designs must be submitted to the publicity manager before November 15th. Anyone desiring further particulars should see J. Preston, Matthews 42.

Candidates for the acting phase of the work may sign up at Leavitt & Peirce's now for trial appointments for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.