Don't You Dare!

The man who dons an attitude of supercilious aloofness and with a feeling of haughty condescension and amusement watches his classmates carry out a University tradition, is an irretrievable egotist. He should be exterminated.

The various Junior committees are hard at work planning their annual festivities. Junior Week can be made a success only if every man forgets his individuality and remembers that, as part of the class, he is morally obligated to co-operate with the class leaders.

The Junior canes are on sale at the Houston Club. Juniors since time immemorial have exercised their privilege to carry canes during this week. Don't call a University tradition rah-rah stuff. Don't think that you will be conspicuous because of your cane. If the class works as a unit, you will be far more conspicuous without it.

In a few days the caps will be put on sale. Then will come the tickets for the banquet, concert, game and ball. If you belong to the Class of 1921, "get in College" and be a regular Junior. --THE PENNSYLVANIAN.