Freshmen Show Decided Improvement After Two Days of Light Practice.

After a two days' rest with only light signal practice and dummy scrimmages, the Freshmen yesterday tackled the Boston University team in a scrimmage that lasted a full hour. Despite the wet field, the 1923 team showed they had improved since Saturday's game with Princeton, and they held the visitors scoreless. They twice carried the ball across their opponents' line.

There were many substitutions in the course of the scrimmage, and nearly every man on the squad played for a short-time at least. The first-string backfield, G. Owen, V. Chapin, W. H. Churchill and C. C. Buell, showed up particularly well, as did P. E. Wilson, a back from Team B, who played in the last half of the scrimmage.

Perhaps the most encouraging feature of the afternoon was the return to the line-up of three first-string men who have been out most of the season, R. Martin, L. P. Brown and Chapin all took part in the scrimmage yesterday for the first time since their injuries.