Information about the Student Conference to be held in Des Moines, Iowa, from December 31 until January 4 may be obtained from a member of the University's Committee at the CRIMSON Building from 5.15 until 6 o'clock today and tomorrow. Men who want to attend the conference may sign up at this time.

The convention is called by the Student Volunteer Movement, and will be conducted under the leadership of Dr. John R. Mott. Although the purpose of the meeting is primarily religious, it will also consider economic and political conditions the world over. Far from being a local assembly, the leaders expect representatives to attend from nearly every nation.

Missionaries from every corner of the world have been secured to speak on a wide variety of topics, enabling those who go to the convention to learn at first hand of the present-day situations in the various countries. There will also be a number of business men present who will discuss the economic outlook of the world today.

The total expense for each man who makes the trip has been computed as approximately $90. This includes the railroad fares both ways and the entire expenses incurred while attending the conference. The railroad fare alone, on the convention rates which have been secured, amounts to nearly $60.

For men who want to attend, but who are unable to pay their own expenses, a fund has been created which will enable them to go. In this way men with no money will still be able to attend the convention.

According to the quota assigned to the University, only 50 men can be sent from Cambridge to the convention, but the committee here hopes to have this quota much enlarged. At attempt is now being made to let the University send as many representatives as wish to go, but as it will take some time to hear about this matter definitely, the committee cannot yet say who will or will not go. When the University's quota is decided upon the committee will choose the men to go from those who have signed up.