Only 132 of Class of 1923 Smoke Out of 513 Given Physical Exams.

Only 132 out of a total of 513 Freshmen who were given physical examinations this fall were found to be users of tobacco in any form. The ages at which these smokers started using the noxious weed also revealed interesting data. One man puffed a cigarette for the first time when he was but nine, while at the other extreme one man attempted smoking at the age of twenty-five. However of the 105 who answered this query, 86 started the practice between the ages of 16 and 18.

The number of cigars, cigarettes, and pipes smoked daily by these men varies considerably. In the case of cigarettes we find that five drag at only one each per day, and that the number of men who smoke an increasing number of cigarettes per day mounts until sixteen Freshmen claim to consume five each day. Although the popularity of greater numbers of weeds decreases from here on, hero is an exception in the case of those who smoke ten per day, for eighteen confessed to the accusation. Four men puff at the rate of twenty every twenty-four hours.

Pipes are very popular when only one or two are smoked, 48 men out of 84 using only that number. Cigars find favor with but five men.

These figures are being compiled for statistics which are being collected throughout the colleges by the "Committee on the Scientific Study of the Tobacco Problem" of the International Committee of the Young Men's Christian Association.