Announce Schedule of Exams for Those Who Were Policemen.

The make-up final examinations for the second session of the summer school will be given from November 10 to 14 for those men who missed the regular examinations on account of sickness or police duty.

The examinations will be given in Harvard 5, and will all be three hours in length, starting at 2 o'clock.

The schedule for the examinations is as follows: Monday, November 10, Chemistry S B, Economics S 2, English S 2, French S A, French S 1, Government S 1, History S 32b, History S 32b, History S 34, Mathematics S I, Spanish S 8.

Wednesday, November 12, Economics S. A, English S 11b, French S 10, History S 14, Mathematics S II.

Thursday, November 13, Philosophy S I.

Friday, November 14, Chemistry S 2, Fine Arts S 1d, French S 2, French S 5, German S A, Government S 2, History S 1, Italian S 1, Latin S 1, Philosophy S B, Spanish S 1.