Tonight the hockey season opens with a meeting of all candidates for the University team in the Union at 7.30 o'clock. Among the speakers who are scheduled to address the meeting is Captain Norman S. Walker '20 who will outline the plans for the coming season. It is still too early to say when practice will start, as this depends largely on the date of the completion of the new rink.

The schedule is still in a tentative state but the usual series of three games will be played with both Yale and Princeton. Remaining teams on the schedule will vary little from the list of opponents in former years. As has been the custom previously, candidates for the 1923 team will not be called out for at least another week.

Captain Walker heads a list of ten "H" men who will be available for the coming season. The veterans, in addition to Captain Walker, are as follows: T. M. Avery '21, rover; F. M. Bacon '21, left wing; E. L. Bigelow '21, centre; R. W. Buntin '21, forward; E. Cabot '20, forward; F. C. Church '20, back; C. A. Clark Occ., forward; J. Holmes '21, goal-guard; and H. B. W. Snelling '21, left wing.

Call Manager Candidates

Candidates for the position of second assistant manager of the University hockey team should report this afternoon in Randolph 59 at 1.15 o'clock. The competition will then be outlined and preparations made for the season's work. All members of the Sophomore class are eligible and no previous experience is necessary. The management announces that there will be two, and possibly three, positions open for the successful candidates. The result of the competition will be announced at the time of the final Yale game.