The English Henley.

"The Henley is to be resumed after a five-year lapse, and a Yale crew that beats Harvard should most certainly be entered in it. If the tables are turned, Harvard should have the honor, although we are inclined to think both should make the trip in either case.

"It is to be hoped that the competition will not be confined to English crews, and that the resumption of this famous British event may be marked by American representation. If the date set conflicts with the New London regatta, a picked graduate or second crew should be sent.

"What a happy rallying event for British university men this will be, and doubly so for American students still in foreign service. Beyond that, the relationship between Britain and the United States would be strengthened, athletics as a whole would receive a stimulus, as also the Rhodes scholarships, and scholarships in general through a bringing together of British and American students for an interchange of ideas at a most auspicious event." Yale News.