Checks to be Sent Out by War Dep't Upon Receipt of Discharge Certificates.

All honorably discharged soldiers and sailors may now apply for the $60 bonus which is being given them by the government, according to a recent statement to the press. An extract from the announcement made by the War Department concerning this compensation follows: "Those who have been discharged and have received their final pay without the $60 bonus, should write to the General Zone Finance Office, Lemon Building, Washington, stating their service since April 6, 1917, date of last discharge and address to which they desire bonus checks sent and enclosing their discharge certificate or military order for discharge or both, if both were issued.

"Upon the receipt by the zone finance officer of this information and the soldier's discharge certificate, this office will cause checks to be drawn and mailed to claimants in the order in which claims were received by him. The discharge certificate will be returned to the soldier with the check.

"It is estimated at least 1,250,000 persons have been discharged who are entitled to benefits of this act. While payments will be made as expeditiously as practical it will manifestly take considerable time to write and mail this many checks."