Cold Prevented University and 1922 Contests on Saturday.

HARVARD.  VERMONT. Evans, c.f.  s.s., Hamilton Emmons, s.s.  3b., Marsh Gross, r.f.  c.f., Berry Perkins, 3b.  1b., Bowman McLeod, 2b.  2b., Smith Hallowell, l.f.  r.f., Palmer Frothingham, 1b.  l.f., Burns Gammack or Blair, c.  c., Tryon Bigelow, p.  p., McCormick

Because of the cold weather, the base-ball game with the University of Vermont, scheduled for Saturday afternoon, was postponed, and will be played at Soldiers Field this afternoon at 4 o'clock. The visitors succeeded in getting permission from the Burlington authorities to stay in Boston until tonight.

Coach Duffy will start the contest today with the same line-up that was scheduled for Saturday's game. E. L. Bigelow '21 will pitch, with either T. H. Gammack '20, or A. Blair '21 behind the bat.

The game will be the first try out for Vermont. Two games were scheduled for the trip to Boston, but both had to be cancelled because of unfavorable weather.

The Freshmen did not take their trip to Southboro on Saturday, because of the cold. The game with St. Mark's has been indefinitely postponed, but arrangements will be made to meet the school boy nine some time in May, if possible.