At the meeting of the Student Council held in the Trophy Room of the Union yesterday afternoon, it was recommended that numerals be awarded to such members of the Freshman hockey team as will be chosen by the coach, these men not to exceed ten players and one manager. As the 1922 team did not play with Princeton or Yale this season because of the bad weather, there has been some doubt as to the adviseability of awarding numerals. At the last meeting of the Athletic Committee, the matter was referred to the Student Council for a recommendation. Hence the action taken by the Council is advisory, and the actual decision in the matter rests with the Athletic Committee.

The Council also approved the awarding of "H's" to those members of the classes of 1917, 1918, and 1919, who had been appointed second assistant managers of some major sport, but had been prevented from winning their letters by the cancellation of all athletic schedules. This question had likewise been referred to the Student Council by the Athletic Committee.

E. A. Hill '19, W. W. McLeod '19, and H. H. Faxon '21 were appointed to frame a recommendation to the Faculty for a change in the system of concentration and distribution.

Approval was also expressed of the formation of a second baseball team to play a regular schedule. This proposal was favored over that for a division of the University substitutes into club teams as is the case with the crew