Trophy Room Completely Refurnished To Serve Meals--Pool Tables Overhauled.

The announcement of the opening of a new Faculty restaurant in the old Trophy Room comes as the latest addition to the list of improvements made in the Union which reopened with the 1923 reception last night after an enforced period of inactivity during the war. It is planned to have the present room refurnished to provide complete equipment for serving meals to Faculty members of the Union. Some of the trophies now located in this room, which is on the second floor of the Union, to the left at the head of the stairs, will be transferred downstairs and exhibited hereafter on mantels on the lower floor. A few troit has been refinished.

It is expected that this added facility will make it convenient and desirable for many more Faculty members to make use of the Union than have in past years. Opportunity for all members of the University to join is now open, and blanks may be had at the desk upon application.

Billiard Room Entirely Renovated.

The six pool and three billiard tables in the billiard room in the basement have been thoroughly overhauled during the summer, and new cloth, cushions, cues and pool and billiard balls have been furnished. The old lighting fixtures have been replaced by new ones. The billiard room has been placed in the charge of Mr. Ben Laurie, the billiard expert of Boston, who will see that the tables and equipment are kept in good condition. Mr. Laurie will also be glad to give lessons or instruction to those members who desire to avail themselves of this opportunity.