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107 Faculty Called for Review of Tenure Procedures in Letter to Dean Gay




The following list contains the names of the second and third group men honored in the annual award of scholarships at the University:

Group II.

George K. Anderson '20, Harvard College; Mortimer L. Anson '22, Harvard College; Robert Arnold Aubin '21, Harvard College; Charles F. Barrett '20, Harvard College; Leland C. Barry '21, Harvard College; Richard H. Bassett '20, Harvard College; Guy Clarke Beetlestone '20, The Franklin Temple Ingraham Memorial; William P. Bell '20, Bright; Harris Berlack '20, Harvard College; Arthur Bloomberg '22, Henry Bromfield Rogers; Genshon P. Bickford '22, Harvard College; Benjamin A. Botkin '20, Class of 1883; John Bridge '22, C. L. Jones; Wesley G. Brocker '22, George Emerson Lowell; Adolph Brook '20, Harvard College; Harold Benedict Bross '22, Story; Stedman Butnick, Jr., '22, Harvard College; Edwin F. Carpenter '22, Clement Harlow Condell; Aaron Ceppos Occ., Walcott; Eli Cohen '20, William Samuel Eliot; Newell B. Conant '21, Harvard College; Henry D. Costigan '20, Harvard College; Haskell Brooks Curry '20, Harvard College; Merle E. Curti '20, Sewall; Harry Herbert Dampman Occ., C. L. Jones; Max Davis '22, Bowditch; Francis Hale Dean '20, Harvard College; William A. Denker '20, Clement Harlow Condell; Bernard A. DeVoto Occ., Saltonstall; Charles Estell Dickerson, Jr., '20, Bowditch; Kenneth G. Donald '21, Bowditch; Robert Bulman Drummey '21, William Whiting; Lofton Leland Dudley, Jr., '21; Bowditch; W. A. Duerr '21, Harvard College; Warren F. Eaton '22, Harvard College; Norman W. Elton '21, Class of 1841; Duncan Pomeroy Ferguson '22, Harvard College; Joseph B. Fischer '20, Class of 1856; Wyman P. Fiske '20, Harvard College; Robert C. Flack '21, Harvard College; Edwin Fleischmann '20, Harvard Coll.; Harold M. Flinn '21, Bowditch; Robert N. Ganz '21, Dana, of the Class of 1852; Arnold E. Grade '22, Burr; Frederick M. Graves '21, Saltonstall; Llewellyn Hall '20, Class of 1856; Sydney H. Hall Occ., Harvard College; Seymour Harris '20, Ruluff Sterling Choate; Norman L. Hatch '21, Henry B. Humphrey; Robert M. Heller '21, Harvard College; James F. Hennessey '20, Harvard College; Julian L. Holley '21, Harvard College; Hyman B. Horowitz '21, Slade; John Leslie Hotson '21, Clement Harlow Condell.

Joseph Israelite '20, Class of 1877; Benjamin Franklin Jones, Jr., '22, Bartlett; Herbert Myron Kahn '20, Harvard College, Theodore Howard Kaplan '21, Bowditch; Fidele Samuel Ely Koenig '22, Harvard College; Bernard Osgood Koopman '22, Julian Henry Reinherz; Julius Elliot Kramer '22, Bowditch; Barton Hay Kuhns '22, Harvard College; Hector Lazo '21, Clement Harlow Condell; Walter Barton Leach, Jr., '22, Harvard College; Mark Falcon Lesses '22, Harvard College; Robert Irving Leven '21, Harvard College; Abram Levy, Jr., '21, Markoe; Harry Levy '21, Burr; Leo Arthur Levy '20, Bowditch; Wheeler Glass Lovell '22, Harvard College; Robert Eliot Lutz '21, Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar; Paul Kinney McElroy '20, George Newhall Clark; Jorge Valentin Manach '21, Bowditch; William Ford Manley '22, Burr; James Hilton Marr '21, Lucy Osgood; Sidney Alfred Montague '21, Lady Mowlson; Fulmer Franklin Mood '21, Harvard College; John Ulric Nef '20, Harvard College; Charles Barker Nichols '21, Harvard College; Philip Samuel Nisson '21, C. L. Jones; Chester Dwight Perry '21, Abbot; Correll Delos Pinney, Jr., '20, Sewall; Manuel Prenner '21, William Whiting; Ricardo Beckwith Quintana '20, Harvard College; Charles Francis Ramseyer '22, C. L. Jones; Arthur Emmons Raymond '21, Harvard College; William Theodore Richards '21, Harvard College; Edward Roberts '22, Bright; George Brooke Roberts '22, Harvard College; Joseph Douglass Robinson '22, Harvard College; Lazarus Rubin '22, Bowditch; William Coolidge Rugg '21, Bright; Elwyn Stanton Russell Occ., Bright; Leonard Spier Saxe '21, Bowditch; Allison Kenneth Scribner '20, Bowditch.

Luther Wesley Smith '20, Hollis; Melville Machol Smith '20, Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar; Oliver Van Patten Smith '20, Morey Willard Buckminster; Royall Henderson Snow '20, George Newhall Clark; Charles Alfred Spoerl '22, Bright; Harr Starr '21, Bowditch; Otto John Teegen '22, Bright; Harmand Teplow '20, Harvard College; Benjamin Arthur Trustman '22, Burr; George Gerald Tanell, Jr., '20, Harvard College; Paul Drane Van Anda '20, Harvard College; Henry Bellis Van Fleet '20, Matthews; Carloe Julius Warner '21, Class of 1856; Lewis Anthony Waterman, Jr., '20, Harvard College; Mark William Weiss '22, Harvard College; Carl Merrick Wentworth '21, Burr; Leonard Wheeler, Jr., '22, Har-

vard College; Richard Lowrey White '20, Bowditch; Norman Blanchard Whittier '20, Bowditch; Carroll Louis Wilson '20, Harvard College; Abraham Wirin '22, Class of 1835; Mi Wu '20, Harvard College; Arthur Milton Young '22, Robert F. Manning; Charles Jacob Young '21, Harvard College; Joseph Zucker '20, Bowditch.

Group III

The third group is made up of students to whom financial aid has been awarded on grounds of special claim.

Theordore Sewall Abbot '21, Einathan Pratt; Harry Albert '21, Burr; Perry Baldwin Allen '23, Harvard Club of Boston; Carl Gustave Anderson '20, Borden; Marshall Henry Bailey, Jr., Unc., Daniel A. Buckley; Karl Wetson Baker '23, Harvard Club of Boston; William Dyer Baker '22, Thomas W. Clarke; John Sedgwick Barss '22, C. L. Jones; Pericles Ernest Belfatto '21, Class of 1828; Byron Robert Bentley '20, Class of 1844; Marland Pratt Billings '23, Harvard Club of Boston; Harold Gough Boggs '23, Harvard Club of Nebraska; Glenn Crosley Bramble '23, Daniel A. Buckley; Elmer Osgood Cappers '23, Harvard Graduates Living in Milton; Pierre Gabriel Henri Chalufour, Unc., Lieut Charles Henry Fiske.

John Jerrold Collier '23, Daniel A. Buckley; ben Bennett Corson Occ., Bowditch; Malcolm Howard Dill '20, WIlliam Henry Meeker; Francis Xavier Dwyer '23, Harvard Club of Boston; George Curtis Eaton '23, Harvard Club of St. Louis; Robert Fairchild Elder '22, Bassett; John Enrietto '22, Dunlap Smith; Samuel Fischer Unc., James A. Rumrill; Leo Flax Unc., Daniel A. Buckley; Albert Henry Fonseca '23, Daniel A. Buckley; Alexander Freed '22, Harvard Club of Cleveland; Allan Reed Freeman '23, Daniel A. Buckley; John Farquhar Fulton, Jr., '22, Selwyn Lewis Harding; Charles Francis Gadsby '23, Daniel A. Buckley ALlan Maurice Garvin Unc., Daniel A. Buckley; Russell Gerould '20, Daniel A. Buckley; Frank Hadley Gibson '22, George Fischer and Elizabeth Huntington Fisher; Philip Gold '22, Browne; James White Gould, Hilton; Abraham Green '21, Shimmin Fund; Howard Winfield Francis Griggs '23, Harvard Club of Connecticut Valley; James Philip Haffner '23, Harvard Club of Chicago; David Hall '22, Swift; Norman Alexander Hall '22, Robert F. Manning; Joseph Henry Hayes '23, Harvard Club of Lynn; Randolph Wright Heizer '23, Daniel A. Buckley; Ralph Ernest Henderson '21, Class of 1844; John Hodges '23, Matthews; Robert Walter Hoskins '23, Harvard Club of Connecticut; Robert Darious Howard '23, Harvard Club of Washington, D. C.; Joseph Edward Jaffee, Unc., Harvard Club of Cincinnati, O.; Carl Smith Joslyn '20, Class of 1844; Philip Francis Kenney '23, Harvard Club of Boston; Robert Benning King '21, Joseph Eveleth; Arthur Ellsworth Koch, Unc., Matthews; Maurice Henry Kramer '23, Daniel A. Buckley; George Edgar Ladd, Jr., '21, WIlliam Reed; Walter Charles Langer, Unc., Daniel A. Buckley; Charles Kiddell Lawrence '23, Harvard Club of Long Island; Ethelbert Wiches Love Unc., Matthews; Malcolm Lowell McElroy '22, Harvard Club of Cincinnati; Hamilton MacFadden '21, Kirkland, of the Class of 1815; Warren Francis Manning '22, Bowditch; Frank Winslow Mansfield, Jr., '21, C. L. Jones; Harmon Curtis Martin '23, Harvard Club of Long Island.

Judah Leon Mcdoff '23, Philadelphia; Warren Gage, Milliken '21, Orlando W. Doe; William Elligood Mills, Jr., '22, Fall River; William Dowling Murray '21, Class of 1814; Raymond Elwood Neal Occ., Walcott; Samuel Charles Olken '22, Daniel A. Buckley; Frederick Clifton Packard, Jr., '20, Joseph Eveleth; Henry Pearlman '23, Daniel A. Buckley; Fred William Perkins, Jr., '21, Joseph Eveleth; Leland Foster Perkins '23, Daniel A. Buckley; J. M. Phillips '22, Walcott; Russell Lee Potter '21, Class of 1817; Charles Julien Romieux Occ., George Emerson Lowell; Oscar Mitchell Roo '22, Sales; John CLifford Ross '23, Harvard Graduates Living in Milton; Arthur Acy Rounder '20, Mary Saltonstall; Edwin Day Sage '23, Daniel A. Buckley; Abraham Saperstein '21, Warren H. Cudworth; Frederic Commodore Schley Occ., William Gaston; Frank Pietro Scigliano '23, Harvard Club of Somerville; Marion W. Self '23, Harvard Club of Connecti-

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