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An imposing aggregation of B. A. A. track men will meet the University team in the dual meet to be held Saturday at Soldiers Field. The meet, which is scheduled to begin at 2.30 o'clock, will be run off simultaneously with the Freshman meet with M. I. T. 1923, the track and hurdle events taking place on the board track and the field events in the Cage.

Among the B. A. A. entrants is W. Moore '18, captain of last year's University track team, who will compete in the 40 and 300-yard, dashes. Caldwell, entering in the 600-yard, is one of the fastest short distance runners of the country and the holder of several titles in this event, while Halpin, who will compete in the 300-yard dash, is a national champion.

A stiff opposition is therefore assured the University runners. Captain D. F. O'Connell '21, the fleetest of the University's middle-distance runners, will race in the 1000-yard and mile. An interesting fact is that C. H. Wansker Unc. has been entered in the 40-yard dash by both the University and B. A. A.

The complete list of entrants for both Harvard and B. A. A. is as follows:

40-yard dash--Harvard--C. B. S. Evans Unc., V. Chapin '23, R. Chute '22, J. M. B. Churchill '21, W. H. Churchill '23, E. O. Gourdin '21, A. L. Pierson '20, C. H. Wansker Unc., B. Wharton '22.

B.A.A. Barr, Chisholm, Hall, Moore, Smith, Talmadge, Wansker.

45-yard hurdles--Harvard--C. G. Krogness '21, B. H. Tracy '22.

B.A.A.--Hill, Meanix, Roberts, Shea.

300-yard dash--Harvard--V. Chapin '23, J. M. B. Churchill '21, W. H. Churchill '23, R. Chute '22, E. O. Gourdin '21, C. R. Haners '22, J. E. Kennedy '23, E. O. Gourdin '21, C. R. Haners '22, J. E. Kennedy '23, B. Wharton '22.

B.A.A.--Chisholm, Hall, Halpin, Meanix, Moore, Smith, Talmadge, Wansker.

600-yard dash--Harvard--R. P. Cutler '22, H. M. Doherty '21, A. W. Douglass '21, H. M. Doherty '21, A. W. Douglass '21, W. H. Goodwin '20, W. F. Goodell '21, J. A. McCarthy '22.

B.A.A.--Caldwell, Chisholm, Hill, Talmadge.

1000-yard dash--Harvard--W. C. Bennett '23, D. F. O'Connell '21, J. W. Quinn '23.

B.A.A.--Cutbill, Harrigan, Nutter, Russell.

One-mile run--Harvard--A. J. Fox Unc., H. N. Mahon Unc., J. E. Nally '21, D. F. O'Connell '21, G. F. Wason '20.

B.A.A.--Cutbill, Nutter, Russel.

Two mile run--Harvard--F. G. Bemis '22, H. M. Mahon Unc., J. E. Nally '21, G. F. Wason '20.

B.A.A.--Rosene, Russell, Schneider.

Shot-put--Harvard--C. F. Batchelder '20, C. A. Clark Occ., J. R. Tolbert Unc.,

B.A.A.--Roberts, Welch.

High jump--Harvard--C. G. Krogness '21, D. S. Laird Occ.

B.A.A.--Barwise, Roberts.

Pole-vault--Harvard--R. W. Harwood '20, F. D. Johnson '20, A. L. Strehlke Occ.

B.A.A.--Durkin, Roberts, Wright

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