In the second of the Triangular League games the University hockey team tonight meets the Princeton sextet in the Pavilion at 8.15 o'clock. With E. L. Bigelow '21 back in the line-up the Crimson players will take the ice in the same order that they have played throughout the season with the exception of Wednesday's game against Tufts.

Not a great deal can be judged of the strength of the Princeton team, as they have played only one game since their 11-0 defeat at the hands of Toronto in the Pavilion. The match with the Harvard Club which preceded the Toronto game also proved a defeat for the Tigers by a 5-4 score. At this time the Princeton team was inclined to be sluggish and lacked the speed and team-work of their opponents. Owing to the lack of an indoor rink the Tigers have had little opportunity for practice, but if we can judge from last fall's football game they will bring a fighting team if nothing else.

Regulars Win from Freshmen, 7-1

In yesterday's practice at the Pavilion the University hockey team again triumphed over the Freshmen in a half-hour scrimmage by a score of seven goals to one. R. W. Emmons, 3rd, '20, was the individual star of the scrimmage, making all three of the tallies that the regulars scored in the seven minutes that they were on the ice.

After Emmons had scored his third goal the second-string men replaced the regulars, and in the remaining time made a total of four goals to the yearlings' one. A. H. Ladd, the Freshman right wing, was responsible for their lone tally when he took a pass in front of the goal and tucked it away soon after the substitutes had taken the ice. J. G. Flint in the 1923 goal did good work throughout, despite the high score against him.


C. W. Baker, Jr., '22, scored the first of the substitutes' goals on a pretty exhibition of team and stick-work. Of the three scores remaining J. Gaston '22 netted two, one of which went in on a long shot from almost mid-rink. H. B. W. Snelling '21 made the other of the substitutes' tallies on a clever individual rush through the Freshman defense to the goal, where he caged it unaided. HARVARD.  PRINCETON. Emmons, r.w.  l.w., Keyes Bigelow, c.  c., Knox Bacon, l.w.  r.w., Tallman Walker, c.p.  c.p., Terry Stubbs, p.  p., Haight Holmes, g.  g., Maxwell