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A two days' campaign has been launched by the Cox-Roosevelt supporters to raise a Match-the-President Fund of $500 as a contribution to the funds of the National Democratic Committee. This is to express the club's appreciation for the generosity of Governor Cox in addressing students of the University Tuesday night.

The campaign will be conducted by a personal canvass of all pro-League men in the University. Roger Sumner '22 heads the canvassing committee. Contributions will be received at 57 Randolph, 8 Grays, 33 Divinity, or Thayer 6. Everyone in favor of the League is earnestly requested to contribute something to this fund.

The drive for members of the Cox-Roosevelt Club has met with gratifying success, approximately 500 men being enrolled to date. The drive will be continued throughout the week.

The Cox-Roosevelt Club has announced the make-ups of its various committees as follows:

Arrangement Committee, Chairman. M. H. Dill 1G.; J. L. McChord 2L., F. K. Sanders 2G.

Faculty Membership Committee Chairman, C. W. Eliot 2d 1G.; M. P. Davis '21, H. J. Monk 2L.

Publicity Committee Chairman, H. R. Atkinson '21; F. O. Holmes 1Dv., L. E. Spivak '21.

Stump-Speaking Committee Chairman, J. E. Cabot '22; H. R. Atkinson '21, R. Sumner '22.

Voting Committee--Chairman, Jefferson Davis 2L.

The Executive and Membership Committees have been previously announced.

The Cox-Roosevelt Club is especially interested at the present moment in securing stump-speakers from among the members of the University, feeling that there must be a considerable number of men who would gladly give their services in the interest of the Democratic Party.

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