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More than 100 University crew candidates reported yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the Newell Boat House, where plans for fall rowing were given out. After the candidates had signed up, Captain L.B. McCagg Jr. '22 spoke shortly, emphasizing the fact that this fall, four instead of three crews will make up the University squad, in this way giving an additional eight men seats in a boat. The tentative order of the crews was then read.

Only three crews were able to row yesterday on account of the large number of absentees from the first squad, but four crews will be formed as soon as possible, divided so as to be of almost equal strength.

All University crew candidates that were not awarded places on the first four boats will be divided into crews representing the Thayer and Eliot club crews.

Several of the men of last year's University and Freshman crews are on the football squad and are therefore not available for rowing this fall. Among these are Kane and Olmsted, who rowed on the first crew at New London last June, and Kunhardt and Cooper, who rowed on the 1923 boat.

The orders of the fall crews were as follows:

A--Stroke, Jenney; 7, Atkinson; 6, Morgan; 5, Shaw; 4, Keays; 8, Garland; 2, De Ford; bow, Wheeler; cox, Williams.

B--Stroke, Bradlee; 7, Terry; 6, La Farge; 5, Fiske; 4, Cummings; 3, Post; 2, Ohl; bow, Wister; cox., Badger.

C--Stroke, Norton; 7, Damon; 6, McCagg; 5, Ladd; 4, Duncan; 3, Cabot; 2, Clark; bow, Perkins; cox., Pierson.

D--Stroke, Codman; 7, Pond; 6, Morris; 5, Appleton; 4, Withington; 3, Smith; 2, Bradford; bow, Wigglesworth; cox., Strong.

Consult hotice page for revised seatings.

1924 Crews Assigned

Each of the first Freshman dormitory crews has its initial work-out on the river yesterday afternoon, while the remaining crews practiced on the machines. Acting captains have been chosen for each of the first crews, the orders of which are as follows:

First Gore--Stroke, Acting Captain Spencer; 7, Greene; 6, Flint; 5, Parker; 4, Rose; 3, Lincoln; 2, Thomas, bow, Merrill; cox, Wood.

First Smith--Stroke, Amory; 7, Acting Captain Whiteside; 6, Corning; 5, Stevens; 4, Richards; 3, Francis; 2, Ames; bow, Pope; cox, Burnham.

First Standish--Stroke, Reid; 7, Acting Captain Lodge; 6, Wood; 5, Quinn; 4, Sanchez; 3, Muller; 2, Crane; bow, Wells; cox., Carson.

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