With over a thousand members already enrolled, and its organization now completed, the Harding-Coolidge Club of Harvard is launching its active campaign in the University.

The purpose of this club is to cooperate as closely as possible with the State Republican Committee and the Division of College Clubs, which has its headquarters in New York, and to assist these organizations in every way. The drive for members will be continued during the week by solicitors who will cover all of the College dormitories. Besides this, an opportunity will be given to anyone who has not been reached to enroll at the Crimson Building. All undergraduates, whether registered voters or not, will be given an opportunity to become members.

Gather Information for Absentee Voters

For the convenience of registered voters, a Committee on Absentee Voters is preparing to investigate the laws on the subject and at a later date will be glad to explain the method of voting by mail which is permissible in 14 states. Shortly before the election, a notary public will be on band so that the members of the club will have as little trouble as possible in sending in their votes.

The first meeting of the club will be next Thursday night at the Union, when a speaker of national prominence will be present. Besides its other activities, the club intends to take part in the Republican torchlight procession which will take place on October 28. On the night of the election, the returns will be posted at the Union and the Crimson Building.


Warren G. Harding has consented to be the honorary chairman of the organization and Calvin Coolidge the honorary vice-chairman.

The Executive Committee is composed of the following members of the University: J. N. Hamlin '22, Chairman, H. D. Smith '21, A. McElwain '21, A. Houghton '21, G. A. Biles '22, K. A. Buchanan '21, Dean Murdock, A. Horween ocC., R. W. Emmons 3d ocC., Dean D. K. David, C. H. Alexander 1 GB., D. E. Snodgrass 3L., W. S. Carlisle 2L., D. W. Bailey '21, S. Colby '21.

The publicity committee, of which H. D. Smith '21 is chairman, is composed of the following members: A. McElwain '21, A. Houghton '21, D. W. Bailey '21, T. R. Thayer '20, W. T. Prendergast '22.

Committee on Membership

The committee on membership, with J. N. Hamlin '22, chairman, has the following members: K. A. Buchanan '21, S. Colby '21, P. Hofer '21, E. C. Storrow Jr. '21, E. V. Coolidge '22, R. Chute '22, D. E. Snodgrass 31, J. C. Bancroft '23, G. S. Baldwin Jr. '21. J. W. Laird '22 and C. B. Gulick '21.

The committee on services, of which G. A. Biles '22 is chairman, has the following members: R. Chuto '22 and J. B. Fenno Jr. '21.

The committee on absentee-voted laws is composed of the following men: W. S. Carlisle 21, chairman; Professor W. B. Munro and D. E. Snodgrass 3L.

The committee on speakers is made up of the following men: A. Houghton '21, chairman; R. W. Emmons 3d ocC., and A. Horween ocC.

The committee on the forchlight parade consists of the following: A. McElwain '21, chairman; A. Horween ocC., R. W. Emmons 3d ocC., D. E. Snodgrass 31., A. Houghton '21, R. K. Kane '22, G. C. Lee '21, E. C. Storrow Jr. '21 and P. Rofer '21

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