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Sixty-three members of the Freshman class at Harvard have been awarded Price Greenleaf Aid or aid from the Samuel C. Cobb Tuition Fund, on the basis of their scholastic record before admission to the College.

The Price Greenleaf Aids are virtually scholarships awarded to Freshmen who show special promise. The awards are based in each case on strong evidence of the candidate's character and scholarship furnished by the school from which he comes.

The list of winners is as follows;

Hyman I. Berlyn of Worcester.

Walter O. Blanchard of Somervile.

Edwin M. Clapp of Greenfield.

Gerald G. Dolphin of Scranton, Pa.

Archibald L. Hepworth of Derry, N. H.

Kenneth N. Hill of Roslindale.

Morris Horowitz of Springfield.

John S. Littell of Hankow, China.

Theodore S. Michaloplos of Dover, N. H.

Guy H. Northrup of Somerville.

Howard L. Parker of Detroit, Mich.

Douglas H. Pennoyer of Springfield.

Gondolfo Rizzo of Newark, N. J.

Wilson C. Ryder of Eastport, Maine.

Myron S. Silbert of Roxbury.

Donald H. Wallace of Newtonville.

Charles F. Bickford Jr. of Templeton.

Robert P. Bullard of Melrose Highlands.

Ralph W. Daffine of Barre, Vt.

Lewis Gordon of Gloucester.

Frederic W. Hibbard of Dalton.

Thomas G. Littell of West Hartford.

Arnold P. Beverage of Dorchester.

William J. Casey of Scranton, Pa.

Joseph A. Cohen of Roxbury.

Allan Evans of Wolfeboro, N. H.

Herbert W. Hill of Andover.

Warren S. Holmes of Dorchester.

William S. Levy of Providence, R. I.

John McKittrick of St. Louis, Mo.

Philip W. Muller of New Rochelle, N. Y.

Harold B. Noyes of Trenton, N. J.

Theodore H. Parker Jr. of Springfield.

Aldo C. Poletti of Barre, Vt.

Jacob P. Rudin of Malden.

Leo Shubow of Dorchester.

Leo Slafsky of Somerville.

Kenneth B. Webb of Agawam, Mass.

Ralph H. Bowles of Upper Montclair, N. J.

Merle E. Colby of Taylorville, Iil.

Barton Fay of Worcester.

Arthur A. Hanson of Brooklyn, N. Y.

Moses Hirsh of Dorchester.

Edgar G. Lundin of Quincy.

Stanton C. Phelps of Southwick.

William J. Reycroft of Charlestown.

Paul F. St. Onge of Ware.

Giles W. Thomas of Willimantic, Conn.

Richard T. Loring of Newtonville.

Frederick DeW. Pingree of Brookline.

Francis W. Saunders of Boston.

Samuel A. Towne of Keene, N. H.

Chester DeF. Adams of Duluth, Minn.

George W. Woodworth of Cazenovia, N. Y.

Samuel C. Cobb Tuition Fund

Hareld F. Brown of Woodsville, N. H.

Henry H. Balos of Bronx, N. Y.

Edward Goldman of Dorchester.

Robert L. Morehouse of Oakwoods, N. C.

William Hodgkinson Jr. of Framingham.

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