An Intercollegiate Hockey League was formed on Sunday at the Biltmore Hotel in New York city. Six colleges, Yale, Princeton, the University, Penn., Dartmouth and Cornell are the charter members. The University was not represented, but as it has expressed itself in accordance with the idea, it was included in the plans. In addition to representatives from the other five colleges, Dr. George W. Orton and Major Mylan J. Pickering of Pennsylvania were present in an advisory capacity.

The league as it stands now will not exclude other colleges, but intends to invite as many colleges as possible from the east and middle west to be represented at the next meeting and to join the league then. The idea of the league is to provide a governing body for the sport. Canadian rules were accepted by the committee with a few minor changes and a six-man team will be used. The University has come out in opposition to the six-man team but will undoubtedly not let this fact keep them from joining the league. C. L. Parsons of Yale was elected temporary chairman, and C. W. Plumb Jr. of Dartmouth, temporary secretary. Permanent officers will be chosen at the next meeting, which will be held within two weeks.

There will be a league championship this winter among the six charter members. The games will be held in Boston and Philadelphia with possibly a few games on the outdoor rinks at Dartmouth.