Churches of Harvard Square

With which is affiliated The Wesley Foundation at Harvard University.

All Harvard men invited to tomorrow's services. Morning Worship, 10.30 A. M. Sermon by Pastor on "The Bible: How Can I Make it a Living Book?" Epworth Class for young men and women students, 12.05 P. M. Epworth League, 6.30 P. M. Missionary program under direction of Harold M. Flinn.

Sunday evening Musical Service of Worship, 7.30 P. M. Three musicians from Boston Symphony Orchestra, accompanied by organ. Pastor preaches last in series of "Dangerous Tendencies in Modern Life"; Subject: "The Irreverent." Musical program is as follows:

Mrs. Margorie Warren Leadbetter, Soprano.

Mr. Paul Shirley, Viola d'Amore.

Mr. Alfred Holy, Harpist. Second Sonata Largo, Adagio Minuet,  Ariosti, 1728 Oblation,  Manney Song Without Words,  Hoberg Agnete (Poem by Agnes Miegel),  Shirley Evening and Song,  Spicker At the Spinning-wheel,  Holy Two Menuetts,  Mozart Jerusalem,  Gounod