Smith has won the autumn championship of the Freshman dormitories and consequently has had its name engraved under the heading "Autumn 1920" on the three permanent dormitory shields. The three trophies which are on exhibition at Leavitt & Peirce's now will be displayed at the Harvard Club of Boston later and then placed in their permanent positions in the common rooms of the Freshman halls.

This fall Smith scored 42 points, winning first place in crew, track and cross-country; second place in football, baseball and tennis, and third place in handball. Standish stood second with 34 points, placing first in baseball and handball; second in crew and track; and third in football, tennis and cross-country. Gore ranked third, winning tennis and football, standing second in cross-country and handball, and third in crew, track and baseball.

Smith Had Most '24 Men

Smith received 5 points credit towards the championship because it had the most numeral men, 12 in football and 6 in soccer. Standish ranked second with 10 men in football and 2 in soccer. Gore was third with 6 in football and 3 in soccer.

Gore won the Harvard Club football cup again by defeating Smith, which in turn won from Standish. The scores were 13-7, 14-7.


The Thomas M. Slocum '90 crew cup has been transferred from Standish to Smith as a result of the Interdormitory Autumn Regatta which was held on October 28 and 29. The first crews finished in the following order: Smith, Standish, Gore. As a result of this regatta the dormitories were credited with points towards the fall championship as follows: Smith, 17; Standish, 15; and Gore, 13.

Roberts' Cup Goes to Standish

As a consequence of the fall baseball series, the Odin Roberts '86 baseball cup will go from Smith to Standish. The standing was:   Won  Lost  Percent Standish,  3  1  .750 Smith,  2  2  .500 Gore,  1  3  .250

Smith won the Graduates track cup by scoring the greatest number of points in the Interdormitory Fall Track Meet. The standing was: Smith, 50; Standish, 39; Gore, 31. Smith placed first in the two mile run, the shot put, the high jump, the 80-yard high hurdle, and the 120-yard low hurdles. The other two halls were very closely matched, each winning about the same number of places but Standish finally finishing second in the meet by an eight-point margin.

Smith also carried away the honors in the cross-country run, standing first with 20 points, while Gore was second with 56 and Standish third with 61 points.

Gore Hall won the first honors in tennis. Smith stood second, and Standish third.

In the finals of the Interdormitory Round Robin handball series, Standish won, Gore placed second, and Smith third.

The points scored by the three dormitories during the autumn season were:   Smith  Standish  Gore Crew,  17  15  13 Track,  5  3  1 Baseball,  3  5  1 Tennts,  3  1  5 Cross-Country,  5  1  3 Football,  3  1  5 Handball,  1  5  3 For Representation on Freshman teams,  5  3  1 --  --  -- Totals,  42  34  32