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A large skating carnival which well-known fancy skaters from all sections of the country are expected to attend, will be the first event at the new Boston Arena, which will open on Wednesday, the fifteenth of December, unless unexpected delays are encountered in its completion. According to the present plans, the University hockey team will practice in the rink every weekday and will play its home game there, using a seven-man team.

Experts who have examined the new Arena recently declare that it is the most skillfully designed skating rink ever built. It will be possible to transform the ice surface into a wooden floor within four hours and then freeze a new skating surface, in as short a time. In order to prevent a repetition of the fire which destroyed the old Arena several years ago, concrete construction has been used practically throughout the building, even for the seats, which are arranged in the same manner as those in the Stadium. Five thousand people can be accommodated at athletic games or other events which require the use of the rink or track, and eighty-five hundred can attend political meetings or boxing matches. The running track of standard width measures ten laps to the mile; the rink is 220 feet long and 90 feet wide.

Inasmuch as many intercollegiate, intercity, interscholastic and professional American and Canadian hockey matches are being arranged, the management expects to stage at least one game every Friday and Saturday evening until March or April. In addition, a number of other events have been scheduled. These include the annual mid-winter track meet held under the auspices of the Boston Athletic Association on February 5, a six-day bicycle race in April, and the Boston horse show in April. On days when no special event is to take place, the Arena will be open for public skating until 10.30 in the evening.

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