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Wednesday again saw team "A" go through a light signal drill, dummy scrimmage and punting practice. However, considering it unwise to try to give his men new plays at the last moment, Coach Fisher devoted his time exclusively to going over the old formations. But rumor has it that in the Princeton game last Saturday-something new and surprisingly effective in the way of blocking forward passes, something that Coach Fisher has reserved for the last two big games, will be used to stop the highly developed aerial game of the Tigers. After running through a dummy practice with team "B" using Princeton plays, team "A" finished the afternoon with a punting session.

Team B in Tough Scrimmage

In spite of the fact that the first string men are being treated so leniently this week, nothing was gentle about the way that team "B" scrimmaged the second team. The coaches decided that team "B" was weak on the offensive Tuesday, and as a result gave them the ball all of the time; and although they fought hard and once or twice held the second string men for downs, the second team was not able to keep the substitutes from scoring.

The first touchdown for team "B" came as the result of some splendid line-bucking by Rouillard. A little later, running at top speed, he caught a perfectly timed forward pass from Buell and took it across for the second touchdown.

The results of the scrimmage were perfectly satisfactory to the coaches. Team "B" showed so much snap, and carried their plays through so perfectly that it is evident that if any of these men are put in the game Saturday, their substitution will not materially weaken the team. At any event, they will go into the contest with a thorough knowledge of the plays and a fighting spirit that will be as good as that of team "A."

Sedgwick's Condition Improves

Sedgwick was again at the tackle position on team "B." When asked after the game how he felt, he answered that his neck had not troubled him in the least and that in his opinion he would be perfectly able to start the Princeton game Saturday.

Captain Horween played center on team "B" again yesterday. It was his charge and general offensive work that was largely responsible for the way in which Rouillard was able to gain through the line. His passing, a little erratic, on Tuesday, was also a great deal steadier.

It now looks as if Gaston would be the only man who would not be in a condition to be called upon in the Princeton game, as Hubbard took part in scrimmage yesterday and showed that in spite of his long lay-off, he had lost none of his old punch and fight.

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