"The Dragon," a wonder play by Lady Gregory, the 21st production of the Harvard Dramatic Club will be presented next week. The first performance will be held Tuesday in the Hasty Pudding Theatre in Cambridge. Wednesday afternoon, the club will play at the Copley Theatre in Boston; on Friday again at the Hasty Pudding Theatre, and Saturday at the "Barn" in Wellesley. There will be dancing after the Cambridge and Wellesley performances.

The play, presented by Lady Gregory's own company of Irish players at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin during Easter week, 1919, was very enthusiastically received, and the London press was warm in its commendation of Lady Gregory's masterful treatment of a very difficult subject.

The story is a fairy tale but on account of its many unexpected turns, strongly keeps the interest of the spectator at its highest pitch until the very end of the performance.

The Dragon and the Princess.

The plot deals with the adventures of the Princess Nuala, upon whom a course, that she will be devoured by a dragon, has been placed, and who, to escape this curse, must get married before a year expires. She is beset by suitors, all of whom prove unworthy except one. Manus, who is disguised as a cook but is really the King of Sorcha. Manus, who has won the love of Nuala, is reported to have killed the dragon, and to have died in the encounter. Nuala dies upon hearing this news. Finally Manus, who it develops, was falsely reported dead, returns, and after restoring Nuala to life by the aid of three magic leaves, marries her.


The cast of the play is as follows: The King,  W. V. M. Fawcett '21 The Queen,  Miss Catherine MacLarnie '21 The Princess Nuala,  Miss Dorothy Googins '22 The Dall Glic, the Blind Wise Man,  Joseph Skinner '24 The Nurse,  Miss Mildred Ellis '21 The Prince of the Marshes, J. J. Collier '23 Manus, King of Sorcha,  W. B. Leach, Jr. '22 Fintan, the Astrologer,  Burke Boyee '22 Taig,  Philip Wardner '24 Sibby, Taig's Mother,  Miss Elizabeth Gatlin '23 Gatekeeper,  F. C. d'Elseaux Une Two Aunts of the Prince of the Marshes,  Miss Eleanor McCormack '21   Miss Marjorie Toland '21 Foreign Men Bringing in Food,  M. A. Best '23   H. C. Lodge, Jr., '24 The Dragon,  J. M. Brown '23

The three acts take place in a room in the King's house at Burrin.

Tickets for all of the performances will be on sale at Herrick's Ticket Agency, Leavitt and Peirce's, the Harvard Cooperative Society, and the Copley Theatre. The prices of tickets for the Boston performances are $2.20 and $1.65: for the Cambridge performances, $2.20 with a special price of $1.65 for the undergraduate members of the University and Radcliffe. Tickets for the performance in Wellesley will cost $1.10 for reserved, and 80 cents for all other seats.